Lex.Mard.: Leksikonˊ slavenovlašeskyi i imen tl˝kovanie, 1649, Rom. ms. no. 540 BAR (Romanian Academy Library in Bucharest); 200 files; edition by Gr. Creţu (1900); available at https://medievalia.com.ro/manuscrise/item/ms-rom-450.

Lex.St.: The lexicon from the Rom. ms. no 312 BAR (files 41r-216v), attributed to Staicu Grămăticul (Strungaru 1966) or Daniil Panoneanul (Ursu 2003), followed by a grammar of the Slavonic language (translated after Meletie Smotrițki’s Grammar, 1619) (Mihăilă 1972, p. 312-313); dated: 1667-1669 (Strungaru 1966), cca 1660-1670 (Mihăilă 1972, p. 313).

Lex.Mosc.: The Lexicon from Moscow (The Russian State Archives for Old Document Ф. 188, Оп. 1. Ч. 2., p. 491); 282 files; dated at the end of the 17th century (Ciobanu 1914: 77). The title page and the last page are missing.

Lex.Pet.: Lexicon ce să zice cuvinte pe scurt alease din limba slovenească pre limba rumânească / The lexicon from Petersburg (National Library of Russia, Sankt Petersburg, Q. XVI.5), 100; dated cca 1670 (I. Bogdan); 1693 (Creţu, p. 50); 1627-1693 (Mihăilă 1972, p. 315).

Lex.3473: The lexicon from the Rom. ms. no. 3473 BAR (files 1-369), copied by a certain Mihai (1672-1673); followed by a Slavonic grammar; the files containing the entries for letter A are missing.

Lex.1348: The lexicon from Rom. ms. no 1348 BAR (files 1-84v); authored or copied by a certain Mihai Logothete; dated 1683 (Ştrempel I, p. 300), 1678 (Creţu, p. 44-47; Mihăilă, p. 313).

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